Technical Papers

EtherCAT Connection and DC Voltage Supply

SIEB & MEYER Improves the High-speed Frequency Converter SD2M
SIEB & MEYER has developed the frequency converter SD2M on basis of the three-level technology which ensures…

Each Kilowatt Counts

Feed-in Converter SD2R as Basis for the Utilization of Small Amounts of Waste Energy
In the fight against global warming the energy recovery of so far untapped potentials is of particular importance.…

Drive System MC2 by SIEB & MEYER

Inkjet Legend Printing with a Precise Control
Legend printing is used to provide relevant information such as IC and resistor numbers on a PCB before assembling the…

SD2 by SIEB & MEYER Comes with New Safety Functions SFM and SLOF

Suited to Sensorless Systems
SIEB & MEYER provides users of the drive amplifiers SD2 with two new safety functions that were especially developed…

Customized Version of a Well-proven Solution

SIEB & MEYER Implements a Frequency Converter for Radial Compressors with Magnetic Bearings
Customized frequency converters are suited exactly to specific demands. SIEB & MEYER provides customers with these…

The Right Drive Function for Every Field of Application

Complex Variety in the Niche: Drive Amplifiers for High-speed Applications
The development and production of drive amplifiers for high-speed applications is a niche market, though a very complex…

High-speed Frequency Converter for a Premium Spindle Manufacturer

Drive Systems by SIEB & MEYER Fulfill Individual Requirements
The customized drive solutions by the Lueneburg based company SIEB & MEYER are based on the established product range.…

Individual Concept for Best Performance

Tool Spindles as Complete Solutions – Including Frequency Converters
The spindle manufacturer IMT offers modular solutions so their clients can compile their individual devices. All-round…

Custom-made and Optimized Drive Technology

Converters for Multi-axis Applications Enable Large-scale Production of High Quality
When used in special machines or special applications conventional drive modules meet their limits – these demanding…

New Concept for Power Electronics in the Range > 100 kW

SIEB & MEYER Develops Frequency Converter SD2M with Multi-level Technology
For motor-driven and generator-driven high-speed applications with high output powers the available standard converter…


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