Frequency Converter SD2T

The Flexible One

Whether used as a stand-alone device or as expansion of an existing machine tool: SD2T by SIEB & MEYER is the optimal basis for driving synchronous and asynchronous spindles or motors with speeds up to 480,000 rpm. All components necessary for the autarkic operation, as for example operating and display elements as well as motor chokes, are already integrated in the device. SD2T can be connected to an existing machine control via analog reference values (+/-10 V), digital I/Os or USB. The frequency converter can save up to 64 motor parameter sets, allowing variable operation with different motors at the smallest possible effort.

The devices in table top design are available as low-voltage version with output voltages up to 60 V and as high-voltage version with output voltages up to 220 V. The low voltage version of SD2T features a galvanic isolation of the power unit to protect the sensitive motor insulation.


Function - Advantage - Benefit

Everything integrated

Function: SD2T is equipped with mains switch, operating unit, table top housing and motor connector.
Advantage: All components required for operation are integrated in the device to allow operation without switch cabinet.
Benefit: Optimal solution for a subsequent machine integration or for test setups.

Controlled DC link and PAM Modulation

Function: The SD2T devices is equipped with a controlled DC link and allows use of PWM-based control methods and pulse amplitude modulation (PAM).
Advantage: Low-inductance synchronous and asynchronous motors can be operated without external motor choke.
Benefit: Low motor heating, highest speeds without additional components.

Galvanic Isolation and PFC

Function: The low-voltage versions are equipped with an internal isolating transformer and a PFC circuit.
Advantage: Operation of low-voltage spindles without protective conductor as well as compliance with EMC limits according to DIN EN 61800-3 Category C1.
Benefit: Low system costs, operation in residential areas is also possible.