Frequency Converter SD2M

The Powerful One

The frequency converters of series SD2M convince by their maximum output, little need for space, reduced system costs and high efficiency. The devices are designed for complex automation tasks in high-speed applications and allow use of synchronous and asynchronous motors. Sensorless applications as well as applications with speed sensor can be realized easily. The high-dynamic vector control combined with highest speeds offers a whole new range of applications.

SIEB & MEYER has developed the frequency converter SD2M using the three-level tehnology to significantly reduce PWM-related rotor losses. Besides devices for 3-phase mains supply devices with DC supply are provided allowing to operate SD2M with a power supply unit capable of recovering energy. This way applications with a process-related repeated braking operation can take advantage of the benefits of the three-level technology.


Function - Advantage - Benefit

Three-level technology

Function: The output stages of SD2M are based on a three-level technology and provide rotating field frequencies up to 2,000 Hz with switching frequencies of 16 kHz.
Advantage: Reduced motor losses combined with minimum efforts for motor filters and motor chokes as well as low interfering radiation and insulation stress.
Benefit: Low system costs over the whole product life cycle.


Function: The devices reach efficiencies of up to 98 %.
Advantage: The high efficiency of the devices ensures optimal system efficiencies and reduces cooling requirements.
Benefit: Lower energy costs at maximum system output.

DC supply

Function: The SD2M devices with DC supply can be operated with active front-end power supply unit.
Advantage: Fast acceleration and deceleration processes at high energy efficiency.
Benefit: Low energy costs and highest productivity.



Motor Currents by Comparison:



Operation on Unearthed IT Networks Possible

From the beginning of 2019, some versions of the frequency converter SD2M is suited to the operation on unearthed IT networks. This means that device modifications for that purpose, for example hardware changes, become unnecessary. Even now, there is a lot of positive experience with the operation of power ranges up to 300 kW on a 3-phase 480 +10% V IT network.

In contrast to the most common TN and TT networks, IT networks have no fix reference to the earth potential so that high-energy interference components cannot be discharged. This results in considerable problems with the isolation of devices and often causes interference. Therefore, many manufacturers forbid the use of their converters on unearthed networks from the outset. As an alternative, the devices must be modified extensively. SD2M, by contrast, will run trouble-free also on IT networks from 2019 onwards.


Product video

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