Frequency Converter SD2B plus

The Space Marvel

The frequency converter SD2B plus allows sensorless operation of low-voltage asynchronous and synchronous motors with speeds up to 120,000 rpm, as well as control with TTL encoders. Due to this motors can be operated speed-controlled and torque-controlled even from speed zero. The safety function "Safe Torque Off" (STO) is integrated as standard in the device to allow low-cost realization of the steadily increasing demands towards machine safety. In addition, the frequency converter is equipped with an internal logic voltage supply so that there is no need for an additional external 24 VDC supply.

The IP20 housing of SD2B plus convinces with its reduced construction height of only 25 mm. This special compact design allows easy and flexible integration of the device. Besides two TTL encoder inputs and outputs SD2B plus provides five digital inputs and outputs each, analog reference value setting as well as a USB interface for easy parameterization. The serial bus connections CAN and RS232 are integrated as standard and allow realization of all control processes.

Function - Advantage - Benefit

Master-slave operation

Function: Synchronization of several SD2B plus via TTL encoder inputs and outputs.
Advantage: Autarkic high-precision synchronization of several SD2B plus frequency converters without external control components.
Benefit: Lower system costs.

Integrated logic voltage supply

Function: SD2B plus uses the DC mains supply to generate its 24 V logic supply.
Advantage: No need for second DC power supply for the 24 V logic supply.
Benefit: Optimization of the required space and reduction of system costs.

Parameterization via USB

Function: Logic voltage supply via USB interface.
Advantage: Parameterization of SD2B plus without connected voltage supply is possible via the USB interface, which allows pre-configuration of devices outside the machine.
Benefit: Lower system costs.


Product video

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