Drive System SD2

The Team Player

The drive system SD2 is designed to control synchronous and asynchronous motors with or without a sensor and permits quick and easy adaptation to the individual case of application – whether used with linear motors, rotary motors or motor-driven machining spindles.

This universal drive solution allows realization of high-speed applications up to 360,000 rpm (6,000 Hz). Universal motor encoder interfaces and different connection possibilities to a higher-ranking control allow easy adaptation to changing system requirements – nothing will stand in the way of the optimal realization of multi-axis applications.

As a standard all devices of series SD2 are equipped with "Safe Torque Off" (STO). The sensorless safety functions "Safe Frequency Monitor" (SFM) and "Safe Limited Output Frequency” (SLOF) are available as option. This is a great benefit to allow compliance with the requirements of the Machinery Directive.


Function - Advantage - Benefit

Multi-axis system

Function: The SD2 single and double drive amplifiers can be supplied by a common power supply unit.
Advantage: The DC voltage coupling allows recovering energy: The energy produced by the braking axes can be used by the driving axes. Depending on the system performance mains supply for up to 12 axis modules can be realized.
Benefit: Low wiring and energy costs.

Load Indicator

Function: SD2 offers a high-precision evaluation of the torque generating current by default.
Advantage: The evaluation can be used for tool monitoring. These are for example detection of tool breakage, tool wear, gap eliminator (GAP and crash) and an optimal control of the feed rate during the manufacturing process.
Benefit: Lower system costs, no need for cost-intensive monitoring sensors.

Safety integrated

Function: "Safe Torque Off" (STO) is integrated as standard in the device. The sensorless functions "Safe Frequency Monitor" (SFM) and "Safe Limited Output Frequency (SLOF) are available as options.
Advantage: No need of external safety components while safety standards are met.
Benefit: Minimization of system costs and higher machine availability.


Safety Functions SFM and SLOF for systems without sensors

SIEB & MEYER now offers customers two new safety functions especially developed for the operation of rotary motors without speed sensors: Safe Frequency Monitor (SFM) and Safe Limited Output Frequency (SLOF).

In the field of processing machines and machine tools the demands regarding efficiency but also personal safety increase continuously. The machine manufacturer faces the challenge of implementing both demands optimally as well as in compliance with the relevant standards at the same time. Especially machines with rotating axes involve risks for operators and service technicians due to tools still rotating or rotating at too high speeds. To avoid or notice such operating states the classic safety solutions rely on motors/spindles that come with safe speed sensors. However, in many fields of applications, for example high-speed cutting or grinding, the motors/spindles cannot be equipped with appropriate speed sensors for technical or financial reasons. Therefore, the machine manufacturer would have to accept lower efficiency of the machines or implement costly safety concepts for each individual application to ensure the according safety integrity level.

With the two sensorless safety functions SFM and SLOF integrated in SD2 SIEB & MEYER provides an optimal and cost-effective solution for the safe operation of spindles and motors without speed sensors. Both functions are based on the function Safe Torque Off (STO) that is integrated in all SD2 drive amplifiers as standard.

The functions SFM and SLOF were approved by TÜV Nord according to EN 61508:2010 and meet the requirements of safety integrity level SIL3.