PCD36 Machine Control

Complete Drive System for Scoring Applications

Control PCD36 – Complete Drive System for Scoring Applications

The machine control PCD36 is specially designed for the operation of modern scoring machines used for processing printed circuit boards. The drive package is a modular concept consisting of the motion controller MC2 und several servo amplifiers SD2. Depending on the used motors the assembly of the drive package is variable. A common power supply for all drive amplifiers makes the wiring easy. The energy of the braking axes is fed into the intermediate circuit which saves electricity.

Motion Controller MC2

The drive amplifiers of the positioning axes and the scoring blades are controlled by MC2 via optical fibers. MC2 uses the real-time operating system Linux™/Xenomai. Additionally to the integrated I/Os further input and output modules can be connected. The application software SCORER runs on a standard PC and communicates with MC2 via Ethernet.

Drive Amplifier SD2

The power supply unit and the drive axes of series SD2 operating as digital servo amplifiers are parameterized with the software drivemaster2. The amplifiers are available as single-axis and double-axis devices with different power ranges and design sizes. Different interfaces enable the connection of rotary and linear motors with all common position measuring systems.