CNC 82.00 All in One

Compact CNC for Routing Machines

CNC 82.00 All in One – Compact CNC for Routing Machines

Cutting edge control technology made in Germany at reasonable costs has a name: CNC 82.00 All in One. This modern CNC is designed for the broad market of PCB routing machines with three axes and provides the well-known performance features of CNC 82.00.

Quick and Precise Routing

You expect optimal accuracy, high-quality contours and speed for your routing processes? The software known from CNC 82.00 and the digital drives MD84 Nano ensures all that. With a cycle time of 62.5 μs for the position control, optimized algorithms for contour calculation and the new automatic elasticity control, we make the most out of your machine.

Functions for the production

  • An extract from the features:
  • Graphic display
  • Programming mode
  • Pin Manager
  • Spot facing
  • Mapping
  • Tool test
  • Additionally with only one spindle: camera connection, through-hole routing

Watch the Process

Graphic functions provide various opportunities for monitoring the routing process in detail. In addition, the Windows®-based user interface of CNC 82.00 All in One is extremely user friendly. The user benefits of more than 40 years of practical experience in CNC technology at SIEB & MEYER and of requirements of machine operators. Both were consequently used for this development.

Save Energy

All components of CNC 82.00 All in One are optimized for the smallest possible power loss. The use of one power supply unit for the intermediate circuit permits significant energy savings compared to customary solutions.

Less is more

The concept „everything from a single source“ with few external interfaces is consequently realized in CNC 82.00 All in One. Other advantages are a minimum installation work, an optimally aligned system and best possible interference resistance.