CNC 95.00

Make it Your Way - with Our Top-modern CNC Controller!

CNC 95.00 sets standards

CNC 95.00 sets new standards in control technique for PCB drilling machines. Equipped with the latest processor technologies and programming tools as well as future-proof interfaces for data retrieval this CNC leaves nothing to desire. CNC 95.00 benefits from more than 40 years of experience in CNC technology making PCB drilling applications even more user-friendly, efficient and flexible.


Adaptations made easy

The scripting feature of CNC 95.00 offers machine manufacturers a new dimension of quick and protected adaptation of machine functions and sequences. The programming is clear and well-structured enabling even technicians with less experience in this field to use this feature.


Avoid production waste and idle times

The analysis and simulation of the complete part program before the first run allows reliable error detection prior to production start and prevents production waste. Besides, the exact calculation of the time required for the execution of the part program in CNC 95.00 supports optimal planning of production processes for PCB drilling machines.


Easy and error-free operation

Following the design of the very successful CNC 84.00, the user interface of CNC 95.00 allows intuitive operation requiring only a short training period. In addition, the high clearness and easy-to-use navigation significantly reduce incorrect user input.


Industry 4.0

With the help of the SM IIoT Platform the CNC 95.00 can be extended by further communication interfaces. These include, for example, the widely used OPC UA as well as various API interfaces. This makes it easy to integrate the controller into industrial 4.0 concepts and to meet the extended requirements of drilling machines in a future-proof and convenient way.

Energy efficiency and performance

The modern and modular hardware architecture of CNC 95.00 allows extremly dynamic and precise machine drives with highest quality and little need for space. To reduce the required energy all servo amplifiers and frequency converters are supplied via a DC bus of the central power supply. This minimizes costs and the required space.


CNC 95.00 – fit for the future

CNC 95.00 by the world market leader SIEB & MEYER in the field of CNCs for PCB drilling machines is the perfect answer to all demands of high-precision, high-performance drilling machines to be met by modern CNC controls.


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