The Feed-in System

Optimal effectivity, high availability and flexibility are the essential features of SD2R for high-speed generators. SD2R is especially designed for the operation of ORC units and expansion turbines for the utilization of waste heat. Other possible applications are the operation of micro gas turbines and flywheel energy storage units.

Regardless of which principle the application is based on, mostly a high-speed generator is used to convert the rotational energy into electric energy. SD2R is capable to handle frequencies of up to 2,000 Hz. (specially designed units with up to 5,000 Hz possible). The unit feeds the generated current into the public grid and is available in different sizes covering a power range between 15 and 100 kVA.

The sensorless speed control reduces costs and increases the availability of the system. A speed sensor can be evaluated additionally – for example for safety reasons – if needed. A connection to the higher ranking control is realized via an analog reference value and 24 V I/Os or CAN bus. With its excellent control performance SD2R allows regenerative operation as well as motor operation which is important in fly wheel applications or for the starting sequence of micro gas turbines. Aside from customer-specific dimensions and cooling concepts additional functions are available such as power supply of important components (e.g. magnetic bearings). 

SD2R is a complete solution consisting of a frequency converter with the corresponding mains inverter and complies with the applicable standard VDE AR-N 4105.