Supply of Interfaces for Machine Data

The Challenges

Various IT systems, such as ERP, MES and CAM, as well as other participants and machines must work with the data from your CNC machines. A standardized connection helps to save costs and time and provides security for the future.


Easy connection via HTTP

Most of today’s applications can communicate via HTTP without much effort. The JSON data of the REST API makes it easy to query current and historical data.

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OPC UA server

The Format for Industry 4.0

By means of the worldwide used and standardized Industry 4.0 protocol, current and historical data of CNC machines and sensors can be read out via a structured information model.

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MQTT broker

Protocol for IIoT

Via the standardized transport protocol MQTT, the current data of your CNC machines are made available in JSON format.

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File API

Export data easily

The easiest way to exchange data is a file. The FILE API supports different data formats like JSON, XML or CSV.

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