CNC 82.00AS

For Routing Machines

CNC 82.00AS – The Cost-optimized CNC for your Routing Tasks

The SIEB & MEYER CNC 82.00AS is the cost-optimized solution for routing machines in the PCB industry and meets all demands on a modern CNC. Powerful software and processor technique as used in CNC 82.00 as well as analog interfaces for servo amplifi ers and frequency converters are the outstanding features of this CNC. Furthermore the superior SIEB & MEYER frequency converters for asynchronous or synchronous spindles can be connected via SERVOLINK 3.

The WINDOWS®-based control is intuitive and easily learnable by the operator and thus reduces the time and effort required for training. CNC 82.00AS is available in a version for up to two Z axes and optionally in a version for up to six Z axes.


High Throughput for Safe Contour Planning and Sequential Control

The control tasks are shared between the SIEB & MEYER CNC 82.00AS and a standard PC. Real-time problems as known from exclusively PC-based systems are reliably excluded by CNC 82.00AS in the industrial practice. The PC only serves as data interface and for visualization. CNC 82.00AS and the PC communicate via a standard ETHERNET interface.

Furthermore, CNC 82.00AS offers a PLC-similar sequential control for the most important machine functions. Connecting the well-proven SIEB & MEYER I/O system 50.06 as well as connecting the new decentral I/O system 84.06 is possible. The connection of both systems to CNC 82.00AS via optical fiber cables is easy, fail-safe and time-saving.


Fast, Precise and Safe Execution of Your Complex Programs

The current CNC 82.00 software for routing various types of PCBs was developed on the basis of a more than 30-year experience. Algorithms and functions, proven thousandfold in the industrial practice and further improved, ensure optimal productivity with highest precision.

Depth-controlled routing, mapping, spot facing, 2nd H plane, graphic display, PINMANAGER, complex tool organization or the operation of asynchronous or synchronous spindles are integrated in CNC 82.00AS as a standard.