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Servo Amplifier SD3

Servo Amplifier with Open System Architecture

With the servo amplifier SD3 SIEB & MEYER offers a solution for complex drive tasks, e.g. for high-dynamic positioning applications or fastening and press applications operated by servo motors. Beside an open system architecture for almost all application-oriented control, drive and visualization tasks, the SD3 user benefits from the broad spectrum of additional function modules.


By integrating an OPC-UA server SD3 offers a future-oriented platform that supports topics like Industry 4.0 or IIoT already today.

The Genius

Know-how and Advantage Over Competitors

Drive amplifiers are often used to realize machining processes that require most of the know-how for the positioning profile and the evaluation of the process data.

The servo amplifier SD3 by SIEB & MEYER offers the customers an individual solution including a protected application area. By means of the supplied function blocks the customer can focus on his core competence – the application programming relevant for the process. This way the customer can distinguish himself from the competition.

The task sharing during the development process results in a faster “time to market”. SD3 is equipped with an open operating system that allows running other functions and programs of the customer at the same time. These are, for example, user interface, statistics, camera integration, communication and data storage.

An operator panel can be connected directly via USB. This way an optimal visualization of the processes and a self-explanatory user interface can be created.

SD3 - Servo Amplifier with Open System Architecture by SIEB & MEYER AG

The SD3 by SIEB & MEYER offers a solution for complex drive tasks, e.g. highly dynamic positioning applications or for servo-motorised screwing and pressing.

In addition to an open system architecture, SD3 users benefit from a wide range of provided function modules.

The Interfaces of Servo Amplifier SD3

  1. Mains supply
  2. Option A: 
    - EtherCAT slave
    - CAN-bus slave
    - More under preparation
  3. Option B:
    - Enhancement – digital and analog inputs / outputs
    - More under preparation
  4. Universal Motor Encoder Interface
    Resolver, encoder / linear scale (TTL or SinCos), 2.1/2.2, Hiperface, SSI, Hall sensor, linear Hall sensor, BiSS
  5. USB interface for device connection
  6. Operating module / error display
  7. Analog inputs / outputs
  8. External ballast resistor
  9. Motor
  11. Digital inputs / outputs, PTC / motor temperature
  12. Encoder inputs / outputs (programmable direction)
  13. USB interface for parameter setting
  14. Ethernet
  15. Micro-SD slot
  16. Safe Torque Off 
    Restart lock to achieve the category 4 in OSSD technology according to EN 13849-1:2008-12, EN 62061:2008-04 and
    EN 61508:2002-11; Safety level SIL 3

Software for Initial Operation and Parameterization: drivemaster3

The oscilloscope function allows optimization of the axes in the machine via the drive-setup-tool without additional measuring equipment.

The clear design of the software allows intuitive parameterization. The „Parameter-Wizard“ guides the user step-by-step through the system configuration and allows intuitive setup of the device via help messages and comments.

Technical Specifications of Servo Amplifier SD3

1-Phase Supply

230 V Mains Supply (AC)
1,4 kVA IN: 10 A IS: 14 A (28 A)* 280 x 90 x 180 mm
3,5 kVA IN: 20 A IS: 28 A (56 A)* 280 x 90 x 223 mm


3-Phase Supply

230 V Mains Supply (AC)
6,9 kVA IN: 20 A IS: 28 A (56 A)* 280 x 90 x 223 mm
480 V Mains Supply (AC)
9,7 kVA IN: 14 A IS: 28 A (56 A)* 280 x 90 x 223 mm


IN = nominal current, IS: peak current. All current specifications are effective values.
Voltage limits at 230 V: 110 V -10% to 230 V +10%.
Voltage limits at 480 V: 230 V -10% to 480 V +10%.
Unit dimensions are given in height x width x depth, based on installation dimensions.

*Version with higher peak current


  • In the field of handling technology, servo amplifiers are often used to realize manufacturing processes with the know-how focused on the positioning profile and the evaluation of process values. 

  • Precision is indispensable for tightening applications: If the screw is required to be tightened with a defined torque, the servo amplifier must meet this requirement. 

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