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Innovative Drive Systems and Feed-in Technology for Customer-oriented Solutions

SIEB & MEYER on the SPS / IPC / DRIVES trade fair
From November 26 to 28, 2013 SIEB & MEYER presents customized solutions on the SPS / IPC / DRIVES trade fair…

Upgrade Your Machine

Equip your circular grinding machines with modern drive technology by SIEB & MEYER
The company SWS based in the German capital Berlin upgrades old machines for today's technical requirements ‒ this…

Use in Research Project

The feed-in converter SD2R as Basis for the Utilization of Renewable Energy
In the fight against global warming the energy recovery of so far untapped potentials is of particular importance. This…

Know-how in R&D and Production

SD3 and SD2S: Basis for Future-oriented, Customized Frequency Converters
Based on the new development platform SD3 as well as on the established drive system SD2S SIEB & MEYER produces…

Custom-made Devices

Customized Solutions at SIEB & MEYER
When used in special machines or special applications conventional drive modules come up against their limits – these…

Highest Spindle Power at Lowest Motor Temperature

High-Speed drive systems by SIEB & MEYER increase the efficiency in manufacturing tools
The drive system SD2S, especially developed for high-speed applications by SIEB & MEYER, is established in operating…

10 years of commitment to people in need of protection

The Foundation SIEB & MEYER STIFTUNG celebrates a double anniversary
SIEB & MEYER AG is internationally successful in the field of industrial electronics and employs 220 people. The…

Compact Drive Amplifier SD2B

Customized Solutions in Single Board Design for High-Speed Spindles in the Low Voltage Range
SIEB & MEYER expands its product range with the drive amplifier SD2B ‒ an extremely compact drive solution in single…

Drive Platform SD3

Solid Know-how, Service and Manufacturing Expertise Result in Additional Benefit
The drive platform SD3 by SIEB & MEYER is a customized solution for complex, autarkic drive tasks. Beside an open…

Top Efficiency, High Availability and Flexibility

SD2R – The Feed-in System for High-Speed Generators
The feed-in system SD2R by SIEB & MEYER is an efficient solution for the conversion of thermal or mechanical energy…


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