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Two New Modules with 4.3 kVA and 20 kVA

Drive Amplifier SD2S: SIEB & MEYER Offers New Device Variants
SIEB & MEYER has expanded the product range of the established drive amplifier series SD2S by two device variants; one…

New: Drive Amplifier SD2S Supports EtherCAT

Integrated Slave Fieldbus Interface Available in Selected Device Versions
SIEB & MEYER will shortly offer selected device versions of the drive amplifier series SD2S with an integrated…

Drive Amplifier SD2S with Dynamic Active Load Detection

Further Development of Established Products
The latest drive amplifiers of the series SD2S feature a dynamic active load detection as standard. Using this function…

High-speed Frequency Converter for Spindle Manufacturer

Drive Systems by SIEB & MEYER Fulfill Individual Requirements
The customized drive solutions by SIEB & MEYER are based on the established product range. One example is an…

Efficient Operation of Flywheel Energy Storage Units

The feed-in converter SD2R by SIEB & MEYER comes with a dynamic control even for very large masses as well as high…

SD2S: Automatic Winding Detection and New Drive Functions

Continuous Development of a well-proven drive amplifier
Over the past year SIEB & MEYER has developed the well-proven drive amplifier SD2S further: First the experts…

SD3 – the Basis for Customized Drive Amplifiers

Know-how in R&D and Production
The development platform SD3 makes a flexible and cost-efficient development of customized drive amplifiers possible.…

SD2M with Multi-Level Technology

For the power range > 100 kW and a rotating field frequency up to 2,000 Hz
The new frequency converter SD2M is designed for high-speed applications with high output powers. Beside exceptionally…

With a Convincing Vocational Training Concept to a Podium Position – and Even as Far as to China

Vocational Training at SIEB & MEYER AG
Again two graduates of SIEB & MEYER made it to the ranking list of IHK (German chamber of commerce and industry) in…

Well-proven Systems and a Novelty

SIEB & MEYER on the SPS IPC DRIVES trade fair
From November 24 to 27, SIEB & MEYER presents the systems SD2S, SD2R and SD3 on the SPS IPC DRIVES trade fair in…


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