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Field-tested at Renowned Manufacturer of Special Electric Drives

Software tool Motor Analyzer provides simulations of the interaction between motors and frequency converters

The tool Motor Analyzer by SIEB & MEYER is a powerful function of the parameterization and initial operation software drivemaster2. By means of this function users can simulate the operating points and the expectable current quality that result from the interaction of motors or spindles with the respective frequency converter. The tool supports experienced users and developers during the project planning phase. ATE, a manufacturer of special electric drives, uses Motor Analyzer to dimension their customized motors.

"In general, it is not possible to foresee whether theoretical motor data and spindle data can be reproduced under real operating conditions," Rolf Gerhardt, director sales drive electronics at SIEB & MEYER, explains. "This is why we developed the tool Motor Analyzer, which enables to run meaningful simulations depending on the respective frequency converter." Thanks to this new tool the operator can verify operating points such as speed, power or torque considering the available motor data, mains voltages, filters and characteristics of the frequency converter. All this happens before the actual implementation. In addition, the tool can simulate the expectable current quality, which is essential for planning the use of additional motor chokes in advance. "The tool avoids errors in interpretation and ensures optimal system operation. This also reduces operating costs," Gerhardt points out.

Dr.-Ing. Andreas Neubauer of ATE Antriebstechnik und Entwicklungs GmbH & Co. KG believes that SIEB & MEYER recognized a clear customer need and responded with the development of Motor Analyzer. "I don't know of any other manufacturer of frequency converters offering a tool this powerful," says Neubauer. "That's a pity because a professional simulation is hardly possible or at least very expensive without suitable software. In these cases the dimensioning of the converters is usually based on empirical values." Although the motor experts from the Allgaeu region have great expertise, they prefer to play it safe when developing the special motors.


High speeds, high demands

ATE specializes in highly efficient electric drives for high speeds/frequencies designed individually for each customer and his requirements. These customized motors are in demand especially in the machine tool industry – for example in high-speed grinding and polishing applications. Multi-axis machine centers used, for example, in metal working are another application area for drives by ATE. "We develop an optimized electric motor for each customer," says Dr.-Ing. Andreas Neubauer. "Upon customer request we also recommend the suitable frequency converter. For high speed applications in particular, SIEB & MEYER is a key partner for ATE."

Background: In high-speed applications, there are often problems with high motor heating. Frequency converters by SIEB & MEYER are designed to minimize this effect. "Converters cause losses especially in the rotor. These losses result in heating that can damage the motor," Rolf Gerhardt explains. "Taking into account the small rotor volume as a design-specific factor of high-speed motors, further temperature problems are the outcome." The SD2x converter family by SIEB & MEYER comes with control techniques that ensure a small proportion of harmonic frequencies in the motor current. Losses are smaller by up to 90 % compared to competitive products and heating is reduced correspondingly.


Software-aided dimensioning of motors

Therefore, frequency converters by SIEB & MEYER are the ideal choice for ATE's special electric drives. The types SD2S and SD2M are mostly in use. "Our companies have been cooperating closely since ATE was founded. We have realized many joint projects; for mutual customers as well as in the course of scientific research," says Rolf Gerhardt. "Our special converter and motor technologies require an intensive exchange of information to achieve the optimal complete solution."

Motor Analyzer is an important component for best-possible dimensioning of the drives by ATE considering the corresponding converter by SIEB & MEYER. By means of the tool users can determine valuable information on the required currents and voltages, achievable efficiencies as well as limit values and last but not least motor current quality by specifying different operating points (e.g. speed, power). "These values are of essential importance in the field of high-speed applications," Rolf Gerhardt points out. "Thanks to the exact data sheets provided by ATE, the simulations have good quality throughout and match practical experience."

"Motor Analyzer is a very valuable tool for us since we sell many permanent magnet motors," says Dr.-Ing. Andreas Neubauer. "The magnets are very sensitive to impure currents, which is difficult to calculate beforehand in connection with the converter. We know our motors and their behavior, of course, but predicting the interaction with the converter was hardly possible until now." Thanks to Motor Analyzer this has changed: The tool enables simulations of the current form in advance. ATE can include the results into the motor calculation and check if the motor is heating up or any other unwanted effects occur. "With Motor Analyzer we can step up the development ladder," concludes Dr.-Ing. Andreas Neubauer. "We can give our customers more assurance that their complete systems work flawlessly – which means significant added value for all parties concerned."


Extra Info: Software drivemaster2

The software drivemaster2 by SIEB & MEYER allows easy and quick parameter setting as well as initial operation of SIEB & MEYER frequency converters. Asynchronous motors are suited to the frequency converter via the V/f curve, whereas synchronous motors are parameterized by entering the data of the usual motor data sheets. In addition, vector controls with and without sensor are available for both motor variants. The clear design of the software allows intuitive use by means of graphics and block diagrams. A "parameter wizard" guides the user step-by-step through the system configuration of the frequency converter featuring interactive help messages and comments for additional support. For diagnosis purposes or to optimize motors, the software comes with an integrated but comprehensive oscilloscope function that is operable without any additional measuring equipment. SIEB & MEYER customers can download the software drivemaster2 from the company website. The latest software and firmware updates are made available there on a regular basis.



New simulation tool Motor Analyzer by SIEB & MEYER
By means of the Motor Analyzer users can simulate the operating points and the expectable current quality

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