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Tailor-made drive technology for highest performance

Customized Frequency Converters and Servo Amplifiers

Due to their complexity, many machines and systems cannot be operated by standard drive electronics. Therefore, SIEB & MEYER manufactures many of its high-speed frequency converters and servo amplifiers as customized solutions. This ensures optimal performance of the drive.

At the company headquarters in Lueneburg (Germany), 220 employees work on creating, implementing and manufacturing individual drive concepts. The company provides full service for its customers – from the first consulting to development and series production. The customization options range from simple hardware adaptations to completely new devices and functions.

All drive systems are based on the well-proven standard components by SIEB & MEYER. Experts in the fields power electronics, control technology, PC and embedded programming, PCB layout, EMC and mechanical construction configure these components exactly according to the requirements of the customer. Special simulation and design tools enable a fast and safe construction. Then, the customized frequency converters and servo amplifiers are manufactured on state-of-the-art machines with high quality and in flexible product quantities. SIEB & MEYER supplies lot sizes as desired by the customer – from prototype to small batch sizes up to large batch sizes.


Individual high-speed drive technology by SIEB & MEYER
Individual high-speed drive technology by SIEB & MEYER

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