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10 years of commitment to people in need of protection

The Foundation SIEB & MEYER STIFTUNG celebrates a double anniversary

SIEB & MEYER AG is internationally successful in the field of industrial electronics and employs 220 people. The foundation SIEB & MEYER STIFTUNG emerged ten years ago from the foundations of Reinhard Sieb and Johannes Meyer, the founders of SIEB & MEYER. Social work in and around Lueneburg is initiated and funded by the foundation in second generation now. For example, the advisory center “Leben mit Krebs” (living with cancer) was brought into being five years ago. The center helps people to cope with cancer.

“The foundation takes care of people in need of protection or in specially burdened living situations” says Markus Meyer, chairman of the foundation. “Often these persons are concerned by unemployment, poverty, social problems, homelessness or different kinds of health issues.” Right from the start the SIEB & MEYER foundation has been offering a wide variety of projects and thus contributing to a better living situation of these persons.

One of these projects is the advisory center “Leben mit Krebs” that celebrates its anniversary in May. Five years ago the center started its work at the premises of the foundation. Since then, professional employees support people with cancer to cope with the illness. “The counseling is for free and is used by numerous clients” says Meyer. 155 Persons that had 621 counseling interviews is the outcome of the past year. Most clients have three to five appointments that help them settle into the new situation they are in. A crisis intervention is the main aspect of the counseling.

As recently as 2011 the modern kindergarten “WigWam” opened directly at the premises of SIEB & MEYER AG. The property was provided by the foundation that also co-financed the building. The kindergarten can also be used by the employees of SIEB & MEYER AG, the company behind the foundation.

Furthermore, a special concern of the foundation is to provide apartments for mentally, physically or psychologically disordered people that are in need of protection. An example are the buildings in ”Im Tiefen Tal” in Lueneburg, that the foundation had built and reconstructed in 2002 and 2003 for 1.8 million Euros. Around 40 needy persons live in 30 apartments. Recently another neighborhood project financed by the foundation started: Contact persons are regularly on site now in order to help the residents with everyday life and getting along with each other

Several other nonprofit projects in Lueneburg are supported, for example, the psycho-social care center “Stövchen” by the Diakonieverband – a social service of the German church, family recreation provided by the Caritas as well as the organization “Lichtblick” that supports children and teenagers in their mourning of a deceased family member.

The guiding idea of Johannes Meyer was that a businessman has a certain responsibility for the people in the community. This guiding idea is still pursued by the SIEB & MEYER AG and the foundation.


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