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Highest Spindle Power at Lowest Motor Temperature

High-Speed drive systems by SIEB & MEYER increase the efficiency in manufacturing tools

The drive system SD2S, especially developed for high-speed applications by SIEB & MEYER, is established in operating manufacturing tools like precision grinding machines. The system is a plug and play system that enables highest spindle powers and at the same time keeps the motor temperature low.

The drive system SD2S by SIEB & MEYER steadily grows more and more established in the field of manufacturing tools – with good reasons: At a maximum power the system provides for a minimum heating of the motor. Not only the sensitive materials in the machine but also the quality of the machining benefits from this. “When dimensioning the machine tools you usually need to take into account a possible heating of the material” says Rolf Gerhardt, director sales drive electronics at SIEB & MEYER. “However, SD2S makes sure that this does not happen and the costs for the construction are minimized.” The plug and play concept makes the integration easy and is another advantage.

The innovative drive system by SIEB & MEYER is successfully used amongst others by the company Peter Wolters GmbH in the VOUMARD precision grinding machines. These high end systems are designed for flexible internal and external cylindrical grinding where tapered, plane and cylindrical surfaces are ground at highest precision. The sensible spindles in the machines are driven by SD2S which prevents them from heating up and grinding less precisely. Otherwise a temperature rise would have to be compensated with great technical effort.

SD2S drives synchronous and asynchronous motors up to 480,000 rpm. Depending on the application SD2S can be operated with or without encoder. For a connection to the higher ranking control a number of options are available. The interfaces range from analog reference values (+/-10 V), digital I/Os, RS232 and USB to CAN-Bus. Via a SERVOLINK interface or anybus adapter the connection to Profibus and EtherCAT are possible.

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