SIEB & MEYER was founded in Hamburg by Reinhard Sieb and Johannes Meyer in 1962. Due to the rapid development during this period, the small and versatile engineering team could quickly react on the market’s demands. Within five years a move to custom built premises in Lüneburg was required to accommodate the company’s phenomenal growth.

The idea for a fully programmable controller for PCB drilling machines was the basis of our continuous success. The first SIEB & MEYER NC controller for PCB drilling machines was developed in 1971. Recognizing that customers want the best of control and drive technology from a single source, we soon offered systems with integrated DC servo amplifiers and the first solid-state frequency converter for high-speed spindles.

The following years were used to continuously develop our main products: controller and motion drive technology. Our history illustrates this with the first computer CNC 25.00 and servo amplifiers, using superior AC technology. 1991 we introduced a freely programmable single-axis digital CNC with integrated servo amplifier, drive electronics for linear motors as well as frequency converters for high speed applications.

Our versatility is the basis of our continuous growth. The depth of our manufacturing and industrial experience enable us to satisfy customers’ specific requirements, from the idea to the engineered product solution. Through the close dialogue with customers the most productive engagement of resources, actions and responsibilities are realized.

With 220 employees today, we develop and manufacture a broad spectrum of CNC controls and drive technology for customers worldwide. We are acknowledged as worthy partners and leading in the technology for controlling PCB tooling centers. Our products have also been proved equally successful in other fields: Industrial robots, tightening, machine tool and engineering industries. Also, our patented spindle drive electronics is leading edge technology for high-speed cutting and turbo compressors.

Extensive training programs are available for our customers in the SIEB & MEYER training center. Courses can be provided for all initial and subsequent operational support needs. On request, a qualified service team offers on site error diagnosis and remedial measures.

Technical mastery coupled with customer collaboration, highest product standards and best service, have been and will in the future be our most important aims.