With our modern high-performance machinery we handle the complete scope of electronic manufacturing – from the prototype over small batches to large-scale production. By using fully automatic test equipment like AOI and ICT we are able to produce components of the highest quality. Optimized production processes ensure quick and cost-effective handling of the orders.
Depending on the requirements we have fully light-guided assembly tables and a manual assembly line with subsequent lead-free wave soldering and selective soldering available for the THT assembly.


The following devices are available:

  • MPM Momentum paste printer
  • FUJI NXT automatic placement machine
  • SMT Quattro Peak reflow oven
  • Viscom 6056 AOI
  • Viscom 3088 AOI
  • Ersascope inspection system
  • JOT manual assembly line
  • HEEB Laserlite assembly work stations
  • SEHO 8140PCS wave soldering machine
  • Terradyne Spectrum 8852 ICT
  • Terradyne Spectrum 8851 ICT
  • GenRad Pilot Flying Probe ICT
  • Royonic SMD Tower
  • Ersa ECOSELECT 2 selective soldering system

...and a highly qualified and committed team.