The Servo Amplifier for Complex Tasks

CNC-61 – The Servo Amplifier for Complex Tasks

CNC-61 combines amplifier and sequential control in one compact device. This way single-axis applications as well as synchronized multi-axis applications can easily be realized. CNC-61 is well prepared for positioning tasks as well as assembly applications in the automotive industry. For this purpose we provide efficient software packages for parameterizing tightening and press processes. For assembly applications the hardware is equipped with interfaces for the connection of force sensors, torque sensors, barcode scanners and label printers. CNC-61 is connected to a higher-ranking control via field busses or via Ethernet. Servo motors with different types of encoders can be driven via the motor interface. With linear or torque motors and the evaluation of the corresponding measuring systems the main focus of CNC-61 is its use in high-dynamic and precise applications. The devices are available with peak currents up to 100 A. The ballast resistor and the EMC filter are already integrated.

Safety Integrated – The currently effective safety category 4 can be reached by the integrated restart lock in the devices with 20 A rated current and more. As external protective circuits can be reduced, system costs are minimized.

Servo Amplifier CNC-61 – The Genius for Versatile Positioning Applications

The free programmability of CNC-61 allows its use for various technology functions. The diverse possibilities range from a simple master-slave architecture and synchronous drives to gantry applications. The decentral calculation of processes in the drives allows realization of high-precision and dynamic applications. Applications with positioning accuracies under 1 μm have already been realized with CNC-61 in combination with direct drives and high resolution linear scales. Thanks to the synchronization possibilities via field busses, I/Os and encoder signals applications with up to 20 co-operating axes have been successfully established. As elaborate bus communication and central positioning control systems are not necessary due to the decentral

Software press-61 and torque-61 for the Assembly Technology

The software packages press-61 and torque-61 allow configuring multi-stage assembly applications by means of ready-made software modules. Thus programming is not necessary and a special assembly case is configured within minutes. Several of these assembly processes can be saved in CNC-61 and selected/started via a fieldbus or digital inputs. In order to meet quality assurance requirements for assemblies where documentation is mandatory the measured values of about 1,000 assembly processes can be saved in CNC-61 and sent via Ethernet for example to a central databank.

The numerous interfaces allow connection of for example force or torque sensors. Even barcode scanners or label printers can be operated by means of CNC-61 without the need for a higher-ranking control. This way CNC-61 provides a compact and cost-effective drive system for the assembly technology.