SD2S Servo Amplifier

The Smart Drive Amplifier for Servo Applications

Powerful, flexible, low cost – these words describe the drive amplifier SD2S by SIEB & MEYER. The compact dimensions allow space-saving design of the switch cabinet. Linear motors, rotary servo motors, high-pole torque motors as well as synchronous/asynchronous tool spindles with or without sensor can be driven by SD2S. For the connection to a higher-ranking control analog reference values (+/-10 V) or pulse-direction values, CAN bus or Profibus* signals and protocols are processed. Alternatively, a CNC control can be connected via the bus system SERVOLINK 4. The communication via EtherCAT (CoE)** is optinally provided

* Via SERVOLINK respectively Anybus adapter.
** CoE = CAN over EtherCAT

Universal Motor Encoder Interface

SD2S evaluates all common measuring systems for rotary and linear motors. The drive controls systems with absolute value encoders with EnDat, Hiperface or SSI interface, encoders, magnetoresistive sensors, Hall effect sensors, linear Hall sensors, linear scales with 1Vpp or TTL level as well as resolvers.

Safety integrated

The currently effective safety category 4 can be reached by the integrated restart lock. As external protective circuits can be reduced, system costs are minimized.