Frequency Converter for Ultra High-speed Applications

Frequency Converter SD2S-FPAM - For Highest Speeds up to 480 krpm (8,000 Hz)

Highest speeds, lowest motor heating and best control performance. These features characterize the devices of the converter family SD2S. Even at highest speeds the control operates in real time. Technically these frequency converters are based on the established pulse amplitude modulation (PAM) that allows operation at highest speeds without additional motor chokes.
Deriving from this technology SIEB & MEYER has developed two extremely robust and sensorless control methods. V/f PAM for asynchronous motors and FPAM for synchronous motors.

Parameter setting is very simple for both methods and only few motor data must be available to complete the configuration. The existing standard devices are also used as technical basis for customized devices. Thus, the customer obtains an optimal solution that is adapted to the specific application. The focus lies on applications like turbo compressors, turbo vacuum pumps, micro cutters and grinding spindles with highest speeds.

All the well-known special functions/options of the SD2S family are also provided by these devices.

Functions of the serial devices:

  • „Safe Torque Off“ functions (STO)
  • Load control functions for asynchronous motors
  • Effective load detector to optimize production processes
  • Serial interfaces with RS232, CAN bus and USB for parameter setting
  • Multi parameter set with up to 64 individual motor data sets
  • Integrated ballast resistor


  • Profibus or EtherCAT via gateway
  • Plug-on or build-in operating terminals
  • Relay adapter for the digital outputs
  • Line filters
  • Higher frequencies (>8,000 Hz)



Block Diagram

Block diagram SD2S-FPAM