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High-speed Frequency Converter for Spindle Manufacturer

Drive Systems by SIEB & MEYER Fulfill Individual Requirements
The customized drive solutions by SIEB & MEYER are based on the established product range. One example is an…

Efficient Operation of Flywheel Energy Storage Units

The feed-in converter SD2R by SIEB & MEYER comes with a dynamic control even for very large masses as well as high…

SD2S: Automatic Winding Detection and New Drive Functions

Continuous Development of a well-proven drive amplifier
Over the past year SIEB & MEYER has developed the well-proven drive amplifier SD2S further: First the experts…

SD3 – the Basis for Customized Drive Amplifiers

Know-how in R&D and Production
The development platform SD3 makes a flexible and cost-efficient development of customized drive amplifiers possible.…

SD2M with Multi-Level Technology

For the power range > 100 kW and a rotating field frequency up to 2,000 Hz
The new frequency converter SD2M is designed for high-speed applications with high output powers. Beside exceptionally…

With a Convincing Vocational Training Concept to a Podium Position – and Even as Far as to China

Vocational Training at SIEB & MEYER AG
Again two graduates of SIEB & MEYER made it to the ranking list of IHK (German chamber of commerce and industry) in…

Well-proven Systems and a Novelty

SIEB & MEYER on the SPS IPC DRIVES trade fair
From November 24 to 27, SIEB & MEYER presents the systems SD2S, SD2R and SD3 on the SPS IPC DRIVES trade fair in…

Frequency Converters for High-Speed Spindles Tailored to the Needs of the Customer

Customized Solutions by SIEB & MEYER
Proven technology customized: To meet the individual needs of a customer SIEB & MEYER realized a tailor-made version…

Enhanced Control Performance when Operating Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors without a Sensor

Drive Amplifier SD2/SD2S Provides Automatic Winding Detection
SIEB & MEYER has implemented a new feature in the successful drive amplifier generation SD2/SD2S. The devices now come…

High Machining Quality in Semiconductor Industry

SD2S Comes with Optimized Drive Function
The drive amplifier SD2S by SIEB & MEYER features various drive functions for the users. This makes the operation of…


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